Your TV Will Be Changing

Have you heard about the Next Big Thing in television broadcasting? As of February 17, 2009, full-power television broadcasters will switch from analog to all-digital broadcasting. What does this mean for you at home?

If you receive your television signal for free using t.v. or rooftop antennas, you will need to make sure that you either:

a. Purchase a digital-to-analog converter box;
b. Subscribe to a cable or satellite provider; or
c. Purchase a television with a digital tuner

before the 2/17/2009 transition date. Find out more information here.

If you are interested in purchasing a converter box, there is a coupon program available. Coupons may also be requested via telephone at 1-888-388-2009.

Take steps now to make sure your television coverage doesn't lapse later!


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