- September 29, 2009

We just can't pass up the opportunity to feature a government website about reading! Take a moment to check out
This website is brought to you by the Center for the Book and the Library of Congress and "invites people of all ages to discover the fascinating people, places and events that await you whenever you read."

One of their projects, the "Exquisite Corpse," features a favorite author Jon Scieszka.  What is the Exquisite Corpse?  It is an old game in which people write a phrase on a sheet of paper, fold it over to conceal part of it and pass it on to the next player to do the same. The game ends when someone finishes the story, which is then read aloud.

This "Exquisite Corpse" is a story written by a variety of authors, Jon Scieszka is the first contributor.
Every two weeks, there will be a new episode and a new illustration. The story will conclude a year from now.
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"This story starts with a train rushing through the night...." No one knows where or how it will end!


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