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The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) has partnered up with Challenge Post to launch an incentive based online challenge platform where the public can offer their ideas and talents in order to solve challenges posed by the government.  invites you to get involved and let your voice be heard  by identifying solutions to problems or accomplishing a particular goal. Open to the public for free, all ages are welcome to share their ideas and solutions to any number of challenges posted. However, currently does not accept registrations from children under 13 years old. If you are under the age of 13, you must have a parent or guardian register, letting them submit your great ideas or innovations for you. You'll still be able to win challenges and prizes while your parents will be able to make sure that you're protected.

What is a challenge?

 A challenge is exactly what the name suggests: it is a challenge by one party (a “seeker”) to a third party or parties (a “solver”) to identify a solution to a particular problem or reward contestants for accomplishing a particular goal. Prizes (monetary or non–monetary) often accompany challenges and contests.

A government challenge takes place when an agency challenges the public to innovate or solve a problem. Challenges are a great way to engage the public to create solutions, increase awareness about a product or program, and encourage participation. A challenge can take many forms. For example, the government can challenge the public to:

  •  develop an app or graphic
  • submit a healthy recipe for kids or an idea or story through photos or videos
  • improve a product or process
  • solve a problem previously thought unsolvable

Once a challenge is created, other people can join the challenge to propose a solution, discuss the challenge, and show support. Incentives, which are payable only if a challenge is solved, encourage others to solve a problem and earn their rewards.

Even if you don’t have solutions to offer, you can still get involved.  Log on to add your name as a  Supporter of challenges that interest you and to subscribe to updates. Spread the word about specific challenges and ideas with your friends and family through email, Facebook or Twitter. Through this platform, the public can find all challenges/contests taking place across the Federal Government and participate in those challenges that are of interest to them by discussing the challenge, proposing solutions, and showing support for challenges.

This information provided via Gov Gab.


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