How Long do I Keep Household Records?

Documents and records that you need to keep forever (in a safe place):
  •    Birth certificates
  •    Citizenship papers
  •    Social Security Card
  •    Marriage certificates
  •    Adoption papers
  •    Divorce decrees
  •    Wills
  •    Death certificates
  •    Household inventory
  •    Deeds
  •    Life insurance papers
  •    Car Titles
  •    Military Service records
  •    Bonds & Stock certificates
  •    Important contracts

Documents to keep for a period of time:       
  • Bank statements                6 years
  • Canceled checks               6 years
  • Investment records            6 years after tax deadline for year of sale
  • Tax returns                        6 years from filing date
  • Insurance (car, home)        Until updated
 For more detailed information, follow this link.

Records that you do not need to keep:
  • Salary Statements once they have been checked against your W-2 form
  • Canceled checks that are not needed for tax purposes
  • Expired warranties
For further reading on discarding/storing household records visit where you will also find a net worth statement form and other important information.  

Be sure to protect your privacy by shredding any papers that contain personal information.


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