Grants funds allocated for Lacoochee Community Center

After many years of wishing and hoping, the Lacoochee-Trilby communty received news that grant funds are being set aside for a communtiy center in Stanely Park. Many individuals across the county have been working to bring services to the Lacoochee-Trilby area and are pleased that a significant step has been taken toward building a communty center. The Pasco County Library, with grants funds, has offered a variety  of programs to citizens in the Lacoochee-Trilby area. The Library has brought laptops with aircards to the Boys and Girls Club, Trilby Community Center, and other locations to provide citizens with access to  Access Florida (food stamps/medicaid), employment assistance, as well as other programs.  Once the communtiy center is built, the Pasco County Library is hoping to offer an array of library services there. For more informaiton regarding the funding for the new community center read the article in the St. Petersbrug Times - $300,000 grant set aside for community center in Lacoochee


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