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  Social Media Ways to Get Tax Information You Need 
* Including ASL Videos and Tweets *
IRS Summertime Tax Tip 2011-09

If you prefer social media resources over hard copy documents, or you use your smartphone to work smarter, this will interest you!

The Internal Revenue Service delivers the latest information on tax changes, initiatives, products and services through social media like YouTube, Twitter, Smartphone Mobile Apps, Podcasts, and widgets.

Click here to watch how to connect with the IRS using the media list below.  

Or choose a particular media tool from this list for details:
  1. IRS2Go Mobile App:  The IRS launched a smartphone application this year that lets you interact with the IRS using your mobile device. The mobile application can help you get your refund status and tax updates. IRS2Go is available for the iPhone or iTouch and the Android. 
  2. YouTube: The IRS Video Channels on YouTube provide with short, informative videos on various tax-related topics. The videos are in English, American Sign Language, and a variety of foreign languages.
  3. Twitter Follow along with IRS tweets which include tax-related announcements, news for tax professionals and updates for job seekers. Follow us @IRSnews.
  4. Audio files for Podcasts - The IRS creates audio files for use in podcasts. These short audio recordings provide useful information on one tax related topic. The audio files and their transcripts can be found in the Multimedia Center on  These files are also available as podcasts on iTunes.
  5. Widgets - Widgets are tools that can be placed on websites, blogs or social media networks to direct others to for information. The IRS has developed a variety of widgets that feature the latest tax initiatives and programs. These widgets can be found on Marketing Express, the marketing site that allows IRS partners and tax preparers to customize their IRS communications products. 
Just remember that the IRS uses these tools to share information with you. Do not post any confidential information on new or social media sites, especially your Social Security number or confidential information.

The IRS will not be able to answer personal tax or account questions on any of these sites.  You can look up any questions you might have on their list of Frequently Asked Questions. You may also find help using the IRS Site Map.

To find links to all of IRS’s social media tools, visit and click on “IRS New Media.”


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