Health Care in a Shrinking Economy Workshops @ Your Library

Obtaining health care coverage is a concern of many Americans, especially for those who recently lost their job resulting in loss of health insurance. While there is no perfect solution, there are some health care programs out there that may help you.

COBRA Coverage
If your employer continues to operate and offer a group plan, COBRA continuation coverage may be available. It may cost you more than when you were employed, but still likely to be cheaper than private insurance. Through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 certain individuals will be eligible for COBRA cover at a discounted rate. Click here to learn more.

Government Health Care Programs:
Medicaid or Medicare or call 1-800-MEDICARE; Florida State Children's Health Insurance Program and Cover Florida (an affordable health coverage available to uninsured Floridians through a comprehensive market-based strategy).

Public Health Departments:
While Public Health Departments do not replace primary care providers, they do provide some health services for free such as immunizations, smoking cessations programs and more. Click here to learn more about services provided at your local health department.

To help Pasco County residents explore health care options and services, the Pasco County Library System will be holding workshops at the library branches.

Check out the library's Calendar of Events or just show up at one of the workshops listed here:

Tuesday June 2, 2009- 6pm
Centennial Park Library

Thursday June 11, 2009- 1pm
Hugh Embry Library

Wednesday June 23, 2009- 2pm

New River Library

Saturday July 18, 2009- 2pm
Regency Park Library

Tuesday July 21, 2009- 6pm
Land O Lakes Library

Wednesday July 29, 2009- 2pm
Hudson Library

Wednesday August 12, 2009- 6pm
South Holiday Library

Hope to see you there!


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