Want to be a Homeowner in Pasco County?

Pasco County received a federal grant to stabilize neighborhoods by purchasing and rehabilitating foreclosed and abandoned homes. These funds can be used to purchase two types of homes:

Foreclosed home - a foreclosed home is a home that has been sold by the County at a Foreclosure or Tax Deed Sale and is owned by the party who bought it at the sale.

Abandoned home - an abandoned home is a home that is in foreclosure or tax deed sale that no one has lived in for at least 90 days and there have been no mortgage payments for 90 days.

There are maximum income levels and the program is limited to certain areas of the County. You can obtain more details by clicking here.

Pasco County Community Development administers other housing programs such as the HOME Investment Partnership Program (HOME), Emergency Shelter Grant (ESG), State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP), Housing Preservation Grant (HPG), and Housing Finance Authority (HFA) funds.

To assist you on your goal of homeownership the County requires you to attend Home Buyer Education Classes. Click here to view the schedule of classes or call 1-877-854-1446 for more information.

The Pasco Opportunity Program-
Pasco County partners with not-for-profit agencies to acquire, develop, and rehabilitate properties to make homes available to home buyers. Many of the homes that they sell have special incentives for the purchasers, and home buyer assistance is always available with these homes.

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