Hurricane Season is right around the corner!

Hurricane season is upon us again! We tend to become lax when we have not recently been affected by a hurricane. But it only takes one hurricane to hit the Tampa Bay area for us to be impacted.

Local, state and the federal government have produced lists of how to prepare for a hurricane. Pasco County Office of Emergency Management website is loaded with information to help Pasco residents stay informed. Pasco County Library System maintains a Resident Information Center blog to keep you up to date on hurricane activities in Pasco County.

Pasco County's Office of Emergency Management is sponsoring a Hurricane Expo this Saturday, May 30th from 9am to 2pm at the New Port Richey Recreation Center, 6630 Van Buren Street New Port Richey. Channel 10 metorologist Jennifer Hill will be there at 11am. Join us for an informative and interesting day!

You can pick up a free hurricane guide at any Pasco County Library. Call 727-861-3040 for more information.


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